Weekly Challenge #376 – String Theory and Optional Mosaic

This week’s challenge over at I am the diva (CZT) is to use two semi-circle strings, and as an additional challenge, make four individual tiles that fit together to make a mosaic. I only had time this week for one tile so that was what I went with.

Since it has literally been years since I’ve put pen to paper I got out my “Old” Zentangle kit, from back-in-the-day, when I very first heard about the art of Zentangle.


The lid of the kit says 2005 and there have been many advances in the artform since then. So, I probably should have looked up something a little more interesting on the web. It’s ok though. I really wanted to get myself back into creating something that had at least some resemblance to a work of art.

I drew my two semi-circle strings, picked a couple of cool looking tangles from the legend, and went to work.

The tangles I used are

I prefer to use a Sharpie pen rather than the Micron that came in the kit. I really can’t say why at this time. It’s just what I prefer to use. There’s a pretty good chance that as I get older, smaller details are getting difficult to see! I don’t think I’m quite ready to admit I’m getting older though.

This is what I ended up with:


Not exactly exciting or interesting to look at. I added a bit more black and some shading. I’ve only added shading on a few tiles and found it to be a little intimidating. Sounds kind of silly, I know.

This was the end result:


Slightly better, but still not very exciting. Overall I’m not too happy with the results.

Time to get my pen back out and lay down some miles of ink so I can get back into the Zen of Zentangle!


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  1. Welcome back! I took a few years’ break as well, and it was tough getting back into the zen of the zentangle. Trust me, it will get easier. Your tile looks just fine!

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